Jan 24

Keeping Aware of New Sports Research–New Service for Coaches

The Institute is proud to announce the launch of its newest service, the Sport Coach USA Intelligence Update.  Based upon successful efforts in Australia and the United Kingdom, the Sport Coach USA Intelligence Update is designed to keep sport coaches, whether you are youth or high school coach, up to date on the latest research in sport.  Produced monthly, the Intel Update is created by the Institute’s Research & Information Team who monitors and reviews over 100 leading sport journals, magazines, websites and databases.

Topics covered in the Intel Update include:

  • Sport Psychology
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Sport Biomechanics & Physiology
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Women & Girls in Sport
  • New Technology for Coaches
  • Youth Sports
  • Drugs In Sports
  • General Coaching
  • Sport Specific (to be added in later in 2012)

 Check out the three free issues posted online on the Institute’s website.

Please feel free to send me feedback on this new exciting way for coaches to stay up to date on the latest in sport science and research.

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  1. Jim Woods, M.Ed

    Speed wins! All coaches would agree. However most are not aware of the science of weight trainiing for speed. The issue is not recognizing the neuro in neuromuscular
    and using it to establish the weight training methods and techniques that are essential for optimum speed. Seven years of research and application have resulted in Dynamic Force Speed Training.

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