Welcome to the Institute for Sport Coaching

The Institute for Sport Coaching is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and delivering the educational experiences and leadership tools critical to the advancement and continual improvement of American sport coaches.

Currently based in Alexandria, Virginia, the Institute’s mission is to be the 21st century center of excellence for sport coaching education. The Institute enables American sport coaches to be truly successful in their coaching careers.


An American National Sport Coaches Association?

I have been living in Alexandria, Va for the past two years. I quickly recognized that many national and regional associations representing groups of professionals or an industry are headquartered here.  A sampling of my favorites include: There must be dozens more associations like this here in Alexandria, Arlington and of course in DC. My …

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New Book by Youth Sports Advocate–Bob Bigelow

I worked with Bob when I lived in the Boston area 2004-2014. He was doing LTAD before it was popular! Highly recommend his new ebook for any sport parent or youth sport coach/administrator. Bob Bigelow, former college and NBA player, has advocated for youth sports reform for over 25 years, conducting hundreds of community talks, …

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Call for Presentations–2017 Canadian Sport for Life Summit

The Sport for Life Society is calling on experts, researchers and practitioners from across the sport, recreation, health, education and public sectors to present their work at the 2017 Sport for Life Canadian Summit. By bringing these leaders together to share their innovations, Sport for Life aims to enhance the quality of sport and physical …

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Sport Technology Update: Realtime Feedback from Medball or Barbell

I first blogged about new RFID technology being implanted in a basketball back in 2012. I recently came across similar technology being implanted in a medicine ball or attached to a barbell. Thanks to Assess2Perform, coaches and athletes now can measure almost instantly such MOEs as: Angle of release Rotational power Bar speed and distance …

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