Welcome to the Institute for Sport Coaching

The Institute for Sport Coaching is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and delivering the educational experiences and leadership tools critical to the advancement and continual improvement of American sport coaches.

Currently based in Acton, Massachusetts, the Institute’s mission is to be the 21st century center of excellence for sport coaching education. The Institute will enable American sport coaches to be truly successful in their coaching careers.

Be Who We Be

“Be who we be. If we be who we ain’t, we ain’t who we be.” I said this to my team once in a pregame speech. What I wanted them to understand was that if we expected to be successful and reach the goals we set for ourselves, we would need to consistently be at …

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How Sport Coaches Learn

I love surfing through the SportsCoachUK website. Nothing like it based in the US. Chuck full of information for coaches and those who develop them. Never disappointed when I go there for information and resources. Recently I discovered a SportsCoachUK study dated January 2010 study titled “Coach Learning & Development: A Review of Literature.” The …

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Friday Night Tykes–What a Nightmare!!!

Friday Night Tykes shows scary outcomes of untrained coaches It’s quite simple: a well-trained coach leads to successful, healthy and confident players, while a poorly trained coach results in a team that does not reach its potential. The consequence of a coach that hasn’t undergone proper training isn’t only a lack of wins, but also …

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Welcome to new Institute Sponsor–JUGS Sports

The Institute welcomes JUGS Sports as sponsor of our Coaching Resource of the Month webpage. JUGS Sports is the leading producer of baseball and softball training aids including baseball and softball pitching machines, hitting tees, protective screens, practice balls, batting cages and other practice equipment . Their training equipment is trusted by professional and amateur …

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