Feb 24

New App for Coaches Worried About Sun Exposure

Mollie’s Fund had developed a free app, for both Apple and Android smartphones, to aid in the detection of skin cancer and precursors to skin cancer. While not a substitute for appropriate medical monitoring and treatment, it does provide those coaches who work mostly outside a tool in which to reduce their risk for skin cancer.  Some of its uses include:

  • Learn how to give yourself a monthly skin exam
  • Tell if your moles are the kind that you should tell a dermatologist about.
  • Keep track of your self-exams with the Monthly Skin Check Log
  • Read essential tips to ensure that you are always practicing sun safety!

I lost my high school coach, Mike Landry, a few years ago to melanoma.  He fought the good fight but the cancer had a big head start on him. So take care of yourself out there as we don’t need to lose more good coaches like him.

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